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Avis n° 00-MFB/SG/DGI du 2008-01-14

Abrogation de la taxe professionnelle et la carte professionnelle, creation de la CIS et la CIF.




Dear Client customer, With due respect, I write to inform you about our banking instrument offer. I can help you secure a non recourse instrument (BG/SBLC). Find attached the relevant documents LOI/DOA of our SBLC/BG procedures and a template to guide your application process on our Lease and purchase arrangement. We await your soonest response so we can formalize the process and kick-start the operation because the provider is capable and I have successfully closed transaction in the past with him. For a faster communication, I can be reached on WhatsApp phone contact number +44 7903115557, EMAIL Sincerely, Paul Andrew
26/01/2023 à 04h 21